Whether you need single order picking, batch case picking or consolidated piece picking, Logicode Solutions provides you with technology that helps you get the right product to the right customer at the right time – in the least amount of time.

Process more orders, reduce errors, and improve customer service by automating warehouse order picking with cost-effective, easy-to-deploy voice-directed picking solutions. Voice solutions deliver 99 percent accuracy, improve overall warehouse productivity by at least 10 percent, and dramatically improve safety since workers can perform their tasks hands-free and without looking up from their task.

Logicode hands-free wearable products and our specialist partner applications merge with your Warehouse Management System (WMS), giving your workers unparalleled freedom of movement. Combine the power of voice, scanning, and visual cues to ensure you have the most productive warehouse, shortest training time for new workers, and the highest levels of accuracy.

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