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The MC67 Base is a cost effective extension to the MC67 Series. Customers looking for a rugged, entry level platform, the MC67 Base gives your field workforce all the productivity capabilities, backward compatibility to the MC65 and MC55 accessories and access to your business systems as the MC67 Premium. Running Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5, the MC67 Base has the power to support complex applications, high-speed flexible cellular and Wi-Fi wireless connections and the ability to capture just about every type of data. The result? Better customer service. Better customer satisfaction. Better customer retention.

Product Description :

With the MC67 Premium you can choose the operating system that best supports your mobility strategy — Windows® Embedded Handheld 6.5 or Android™ Jelly Bean 4.1 — to instantly access the wealth of information in your business systems to increase task efficiency and accuracy.

Send a video clip of a piece of equipment in need of repair to get on-the-spot guidance from an in-house expert or equipment manufacturer. Snap a high-resolution picture to document condition. Scan a bar code to quickly and accurately track parts as they are used. Capture an important document. Call a customer to update the arrival time window. Check and respond to email.

And if you currently use the MC65, backward compatibility with most of the MC55/MC65 accessories you already own allows you to cost-effectively upgrade to the latest mobile computing technology.The MC67 Dual WAN lets your workers complete work orders, place orders and more, all in real time, to improve customer service and workforce productivity. With the dual wireless WAN modem, you can choose the cellular network that will provide each worker with the best coverage — 4G GSM or 3.5G CDMA* — or both.

The software configurable cellular radios can be activated and reactivated on different networks on the fly — without the hassle of returning the device to a service depot. If workers travel through large territories with areas best served by different networks, you can activate plans on GSM and CDMA networks — users can simply toggle between networks as needed to obtain seamless coverage throughout the day.

And you can easily re-deploy units wherever they are needed, regardless of which network best serves that area.


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