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RFID Solutions in Singapore

RFID technology is growing rapidly in every sector with countless benefits to both businesses and consumers in Singapore and the rest of the globe. Factors like transponder frequency, product dimensions, chip type and personalization are crucial to achieve satisfactory implementation. But what is RFID?

Introduction to RFID

RFID is the acronym for a form of technology which goes by the name of Radio Frequency Identification. This type of technology uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags or smart labels attached to an object. Digital data is encoded in an RFID tag which will be captured via radio waves by an RFID reader.

RFID technology belongs to a group of technologies called Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC). They identify objects, consolidate data about them, and note the data into a computer system automatically. Thanks to the automation feature of RFID, data collection does not require any manual input.

Most RFID systems include 3 components – the RFID tag or smart label, a reader and an antenna.

If your business in Singapore wants to incorporate RFID technology into your systems, look no further than Logicode for business solutions.

What We Provide

From RFID readers, asset management and warehouse management, Logicode is your one-stop platform in Singapore for innovative digital business solutions. View our catalogue to find out more.

We have individual components as well as the whole RFID system to help your business enhance performance and enjoy greater productivity.

Whatever your business goals are, we will do our best to ensure our solutions align with them.

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We strive to provide effective solutions to our customers in all that we do.

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