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When it comes to stocktaking and managing your inventory, making use of technologies to automate various tasks prove to be a more cost-efficient way to keep track of data. Not only do they enable businesses to cut back on manual costs, but they also reduce errors and keep information archived on one platform. 

On the other hand, wireless barcode scanners have an added advantage – not only do they allow users to capture, export and consolidate data, but they give users the freedom to move the scanner around instead of having to haul your inventory to the scanner. This helps users save time and manual labour.

Logicode, an industry leader in providing AIDC solutions, houses a full range of wireless barcode scanners. These scanners are light-weight and convenient to carry around. They allow your team to manage business assets remotely and track inventory. 

How a Wireless Barcode Scanner Works

While traditional barcode scanners have allowed businesses to enjoy quicker and more accurate data collection, wireless barcode scanners are more convenient because they are neither restricted by cords nor are they unhandy. 

Wireless barcode scanners communicate with a base that is connected to the computer. The base also charges the scanner when not in use. 

Once the scanner captures a linear or 2-dimensional image, it will decode the barcode, and export the data to a computer with Bluetooth technology. 

Implementing a wireless barcode scanner can help businesses save time and money without compromising on the quality and accuracy of the data collected. 

How You Can Reach Us

Logicode provides a wide variety of wireless barcode scanners. But the key to finding the right one is about analyzing which scanner best suits your business systems.

If you have difficulty choosing, the team is here to help. You may reach us by calling +65 6458 8337 or emailing [email protected]. 

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