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Since its launch in 1991, TSC has manufactured more than 5 million label printers. Today, they are regarded as an industry leader in automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) solutions for manufacturing, retail, entertainment & hospitality, warehouse & logistics, healthcare and more.

Headquartered in Taiwan, TSC products stand out for stable operations, user-friendly designs, and unrivalled durability.

If you are located in South East Asia and want to get a hold of TSC printers, Logicode is here to assist.

Logicode is an authorised distributor for desktop, mobile and industrial TSC barcode printers. Our diverse range of AIDC solutions caters to all businesses who want to integrate AIDC into their business systems to enhance performance and boost data collection and processing efficiency. The TSC barcode printers can be used for various applications like point of sale, retail, shipping labels, and other types of labelling.

Our collection of TSC label printers also come in various sizes and can accommodate multiple media widths. With agility and smart labelling, tracking and traceability at your fingertips, our AIDC solutions can help you realise your business potential.


As a recognised solutions integrator of AIDC in Southeast Asia, Logicode deploys mobile computing systems, RFID, wireless and barcode technologies to help our customers improve business efficiency.

Logicode’s AIDC technologies enable all businesses to reduce the cost of data entry, speed up data collection, allow for easy tracking and determining the exact location of an item and prevent errors related to data collection.


If you have any questions about our products and services, please leave us a message, call us at +65 6458 8337 or email [email protected]. Our customer service representative will be in touch shortly.

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