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Barcode Scanners Singapore 

Barcodes can be found on price tags and magazines. They are a way for producers to represent data in a machine-readable format. Barcodes were invented in the 1950s, but they have since become an essential part of data collection and business. 

With barcode scanners, all business owners can enjoy more prompt automatic consolidation and exportation of data without any manual input on their part. More importantly, using barcode readers allow for error-free data collection processes. 

Barcode scanners are handy optical scanners that can capture printed barcodes, analyze image data within the barcode, and forward the barcode content to a digital source (usually a computer). Today, one can find them in retail stores, Food & Beverage outlets, and even libraries in Singapore

If you are thinking of buying barcode scanners for your firm, why not shop online at Logicode

Portable Barcode Scanners for All Businesses 

From 2D barcode scanners, cordless and corded scanners, and handheld ones, Logicode has a wide collection of high-performance scanners which can export data from barcodes to a computer via Bluetooth. They are suitable for retail, banking, post and more. 

Allowing for seamless integration into your existing systems, prompt collection of data all year round, and error-free reports that can be easily accessed by your business, these barcode scanners are ideal devices for any business that is looking to boost productivity and efficiency. 

About Logicode

Logicode was founded in 1999. Headquartered in Singapore, Logicode provides an extensive collection of automatic identification and data collection solutions within South East Asia. We specialize in providing products and solutions for firms in project management, system integration, consulting and more.

Should you have any questions about using our platform. Please feel free to reach out to us and our customer representative will be in touch.

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