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With compact size, excellent performance and high portability, the new Honeywell compact imaging scanner Youjie HF500 demonstrates strong scanning capability for all one-dimensional, PDF and 2D bar codes. Youjie HF500, with a highly compact shape, can be embedded into a variety of self-service equipment, such as the kiosks, the ticket machines, and the vending machines.

Product Description :

The ergonomic design with clear visible LED indicators, and the “High 2D” intelligent imaging technology enable HF500 deliver superior scanning performance for barcodes and digital images, even for barcodes on highly reflective surface (such as 2D barcodes on a mobile phone screen). This eliminates the needs for additional devices for barcodes printout.

HF500 provides the users highly reliable scanning solution. For users who desire scanning applications in more rigid deployment environment, the corresponding accessory can be provided.

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