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The scanner is lightweight, fast and advanced. A scanner transformed into a handheld computer with scanning capabilities. This device is a batch scanner, with the size of a regular phone, storing the scanned data locally. OPH-1005 will do more than only scan, it will optimize your business.

Product Description :

The OPH-1005 is the perfect scanner for light industrial tasks, retail, healthcare, warehousing and distribution centers because it is rugged, fast and versatile. This scanner is advised when, after scanning, some information as feedback in preferred. Complex applications for specialized tasks can be build using the free SDK facilitated by Opticon. The OPH-1005 is a batch scanner that has a fast processor with 4MB RAM and 128MB storage. The LCD screen is bright and 320 x 240 pixels, thus, increasing the readability. The numeric keypad with enlarge scan key will make scanning and entering data easier. It is a lightweight scanner with only 140 grams and has the size of a regular phone, making it convenient to carry while on the job. The separately offered cradle makes data transfer quick and easy while charging the device in the meantime.

Buyers also get a special SDK from Opticon providing the option to create customized solutions.

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