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Non-contact industrial temperature measurement, multiple temperature measurement modes

  • 0 ~ 6cm non-contact safety temperature measurement, providing more protection;
  • Multiple temperature measurement modes, covering all detection objects;
  • Intelligently sense ambient temperature, meet all temperature measurement requirements in 0 ~ 40 ° C environment;
  • Built-in German Hyman thermopile sensor, accurate temperature measurement of ± 0.2 ℃, temperature measurement time ≤1S.

Real-time reading of city code / health code / smart ID card / access card

  • Real-time reading of city code / health code / ID card information, detection + identification + entry information in one step, improve operation efficiency;
  • NFC-bound personnel access card, ID card + access card for quick verification and reading, meeting the requirements of access control management.

Wi-Fi data transmission + camera / video recording, strengthen personnel information collection capabilities

  • Wi-Fi data transmission, timely and efficient information transmission and upload;
  • 8 MXP high-definition camera, take pictures / videos anytime, anywhere.

Local/cloud storage & background system & big data platform

  • Personnel information admission can choose multiple local / cloud storage schemes
  • The backstage can inquire about the visits of people in and out of the enterprise / community / park in real time, and it can be displayed on a map.
  • Big data platform AI intelligent processing, personnel information details are intelligently sorted and updated to ensure real-time + timely control measures are in place

Long battery life+ long temperature measurement life

  • Equipped with 2700mAh large capacity battery;
  • Over 1 million times of temperature measurement button life, easily covering over one million people’s temperature measurement needs.

Enterprise-class configuration

  • Enterprise-class Android OS;
  • Quad-core 1.3GHz high-performance processor, 8GB ROM + 1GB RAM large-capacity storage;
  • Enterprise-class Wi-Fi data communication;
  • Supporting Bluetooth 4.2 LE communication;
  • Slim design, weighing only 170g, easier to carry around and longtime use;
  • Robust and reliable, meeting the drop standard of 1.5 meters high to the concrete floor.

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