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Logicode Pte Ltd offers a wide range of blank roll form labels designed to fit all makes and models of printers. These labels can be die cut to any size you need and we can provide small quantities as well as thousands of labels. If you are uncertain about which label stock will best suit your needs, our Label Experts are available to discuss your application in detail.


Product Description :

Thermal Transfer
Thermal transfer labels are the choice when it comes to printing variable information on demand. Thermal transfer labels typically offer greater durability than sheet style inkjet or laser labels. Thermal Transfer labels require a Thermal Transfer Printing Ribbon; we offer many different ribbon formulas and formats to fit all kinds of label printers.

Direct Thermal
Direct thermal labels do not require a printing ribbon. This type of label has a special heat-activated layer where a black print image is formed when heat from the print head is applied. Eliminating a printing ribbon makes for easier media loading and a lower cost per label. Note: Direct thermal labels are primarily used for short term use. They will eventually fade or brown with age and will turn black if exposed to heat or strong sunlight.

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