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The OPC-3301i is a compact wireless handheld CCD scanner that uses Bluetooth for real-time data transfer. It is easy to use and makes the user mobile while scanning. It can be connected to any Apple product due to the MFi certification. The OPC-3301i is a CCD scanner well worth its name.

Product Description :

This product is used in service environments, kiosks, store counters, warehouses, administrative services or tasks and retail. The OPC-3301i has a modern classic and clean look that fits perfectly on a counter or desk where no cables are desired. The CCD is more resistant to breaking since it has no oscillating mirrors.
The OPC-3301i has a strong CCD scan engine and can read low-contrast, high density and regular barcodes. The scanner is Apple MFi certified which means it can connect to your iPad, iPhone or iPad. The CCD engine scans up to 300 scans per second which will improve productivity greatly. The scanners design is ergonomic with a comfortable scanning experience in mind. The scanner weighs only 120 grams and is IP 42 resistant. This is the CCD scanner version of the OPI-3301i. The operator of this scanner does not require any training in detail, the minimum guidance is sufficient. This device is a scanner that looks good in any store, office or warehouse.



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