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The RS-2006 is a product that comes forth from innovation, experience and the ever changing needs in the market. This ring scanner is designed to be around your finger so that you can be mobile while scanning and also use both hands.

Product Description :

The RS-2006 is a ring scanner that fits perfectly around the finger, with the trigger button in reach of the thumb so only a single finger is needed to activate the scanner. Because the scanner is around the finger both hands are free to be used. The finger strap is adjustable and therefor the ring scanner can be worn on the left or right hand. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth Low Energy to ensure rapid real-time data transfer to any system. If no connection can be made it will be stored in the ring itself until a proper connection is established. It is a rugged scanner withstanding drops on concrete from 1.5 meters and is extremely lightweight with only 42 grams. It scans all 1D barcodes and can connect to any device whether it is Windows, Android, Apple or Blackberry.

Using the RS-2006 is simple and straightforward. One button to scan the barcode and one button to correct any mistakes made while both actions providing visual feedback for smooth interaction.

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